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Mystical Lightworker


 a multi-dimensional lightworker that's traveled through many star systems to root in the cosmic knowledge and sacred ways of our universe. We all have access to this cosmic and ancient knowing, it lives within and is waiting to be freed and embodied within you. My service to this world is guiding you to remember your sacred gifts and unlock new levels of your power through the high-vibrational instruments, vocal activations, and movement of stuck energy. Together we calibrate and tune your sacred channel back to its pure essence of love, peace & joy. 

with Lauren Barker

Green Leaves

Online Sound Therapy Training Corse

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Individual Sound & Energy Healing Sessions

Heal internally through soothing sounds that relax the mind, and help you gain inner peace.


Sound Baths

Allow the high frequencies of Laurens voice & instruments to wash away all your worries & guide you back to wholeness.


Intuitive Reading

Gain clarity, guidance, and peace on your path. Have the truth revealed, and enlightenment achieved.

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Private Sound Bath

A private sound bath is such a powerful way to bring deeper bonding to any birthday, bridal party,


Lymphaitc Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is very gentle and relaxing movements to the water shed that runs throughout our entire body.


Alkaline Wellness Consultation

My journey with the alkaline lifestyle began about 5 years ago. Alkaline lifestyle means you are choosing to consume the


Light Language transmission

Light Language is a high vibration that is channeled through universal consciousness of love.


Chakra Clearing & Balancing

The word chakra means spinning wheel of energy. We have 7 primary chakra centers that keep us grounded,


Reiki Training

Gain clarity, guidance, and peace on your path. Have the truth revealed, and enlightenment achieved.

When I went for Sound therapy I didn’t know what to expect, except that I trust Lauren, so I was open and relaxed. I experienced strong electrical sensations through my body ending with goosebumps. It brought tears to my eyes and healing to my soul. The combination of sound and Reiki was so cleansing I felt lighter and incredibly free when we were done. I would absolutely recommend Lauren’s services to everyone I know.


Green Leaves

New Classes Coming Soon!

I specialize in guiding those that have suffered through trauma, feeling emotionally stuck and feel ready to break through. If you're feeling this deep awakening stir within and ready to activate your own unique gifts, abilities and divine power I'm happy to guide you back to your truest self. 


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