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Welcome to

Mystical Lightworker


 here to help others along their healing journey so we all may root in our cosmic knowledge encoded within our sacred soul and move through this life with joy and peace. My service in this life is to be a safe haven for those who are seeking guidance from the spirit realms. Through my deep connection to the guardians, guides & benevolent ancestors together we guide you into your own journey of freedom, remembering your sacred gifts and unlock new levels of your power. As a clairvoyant  I work with high-vibrational instruments, Vocal Activations, Akashic Records, Energy Healing and ancient herbal remedies to assist you along this transformational life journey.

with Lauren Barker

Green Leaves

Intuitive Sound Bath 

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How are you all feeling after the Eclipse season?

This is a great place to be as we shift into the healing vibrations of renewal and integration. 

With all this big energy we have made some big moves and there is now space to ground into that which you are ready to receive. Where are you needing more support so you can move forward with greater trust and ease?


The flowers of spring do not blossom overnight, and this is a wonderful sign that we can take the pressure off of ourselves and allow our blossoming period to happen when its ready. Divine Timing.

If you're feeling the call to be taken on this restorative energy healing and soundscape, click here now and you will be guided to Yoga Soup's registration page.

White Flowers
White Flowers



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Individual Sound & Energy Healing Sessions

Heal internally through soothing sounds that relax the mind, and help you gain inner peace.


Sound Baths

Allow the high frequencies of Laurens voice & instruments to wash away all your worries & guide you back to wholeness.


Akashic Reading

Gain clarity, guidance, and peace on your path. Have the truth revealed, and enlightenment achieved.

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Private Events

A private event can included but is not limited to a sound bath, energy healing, cacao ceremony, breathwork, plant medicine journey, tea ceremony, akashic records reading and/or teaching these modalities as a workshop.


Lymphaitc Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is very gentle and relaxing movements to the water shed that runs throughout our entire body.

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Mediumship Channeling

A mediumship channeling is a unique opportunity to connect to your loved ones who are in a state of transitioning or have passed on to gain closure, healing & receive messages.

When I went for Sound therapy I didn’t know what to expect, except that I trust Lauren, so I was open and relaxed. I experienced strong electrical sensations through my body ending with goosebumps. It brought tears to my eyes and healing to my soul. The combination of sound and Reiki was so cleansing I felt lighter and incredibly free when we were done. I would absolutely recommend Lauren’s services to everyone I know.


Green Leaves

New Classes Coming Soon!

I specialize in guiding those that are ready to break through old patterns and emerge into the next level of mastery in your life. If you're feeling this deep awakening stir within and ready to activate your own unique gifts, abilities and divine power I'm happy to be of service.


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Contact Us

For general information or inquiries regarding herbal remedies, individual healing sessions, or events I am more then happy to connect with you.