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An Akashic Records Reading with Lauren is a wonderful opportunity to gently free the layers that have been holding you back & gain access to the sacred wisdom of your Records. During your session, Lauren receives highly accurate messages on significant relationships, reoccurring karmic patterns, your finances, health, romance, career possibilities, and anything that may assist you on your soul journey. The session can be done over the phone, zoom, facetime, or in person depending on your location.



A sound healing and intuitive session guided by Lauren, is a wonderful opportunity to connect to the ancient wisdom within, clear blockages, and revive your inner light.

Lauren has a unique gift to communicate with the waters of your body and tone your energy to a harmonious and centered space within. As she flows with Reiki & AkaDua energy healing, you will feel new pathways unlock and a deep sense of peace and joy spread throughout your body. Her deep presence allows sacred messages from your guardians, guides and divine to flow through and provide beneficial feedback for your soul journey ahead.



A private event can included but is not limited to a sound bath, energy healing, cacao ceremony, breathwork, plant medicine journey, tea ceremony, akashic records reading and/or teaching these modalities as a workshop. Hosting a private event is such a powerful way to bring deeper bonding to any birthday, bridal party, corporate collective, women's group, couples retreat, and for any special event. When we bring groups of community together in this way, we are essentially inviting in the miracles of Spirit to dance along the sound waves to each person openly receiving.

Private Sound Bath


Lymphatic drainage massage is very gentle and relaxing movements to the water shed that runs throughout our entire body. When you have excess inflammation, post surgery, or struggling with lymphoma, lymphatic massage can help move the built up toxins to be expelled through your detox pathways.

Lymphaitc Drainage Massage
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A mediumship channeling is a unique opportunity to connect to your loved ones who are in a state of transitioning or have passed on to gain closure, healing &receive messages. In our western culture we have little experience in our connection to the other side of the unseen world. When our loved one's transition there can been the feeling that things were left incomplete. By embarking on a mediumship channeling, we will open up your akashic records and go into the gateway that connects you to your loved ones and helps you gain clear messages, heal and find peace.

Alkaline Wellness Consultation


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that assists you through reconnecting to your inner healer and cultivates a deeper connection with our Universe/God/Source. The attunement process is a placement of sacred symbols that are used to promote healing, activate new energy, and clear blockages that you or your client may be moving through. Reiki can be used on yourself, people, and even your animals. It brings waves of calmness, relaxation, and clarity.

During the training, you will learn how to get the life force energy flowing through you to the person you are working on. You will also learn how to:

Prepare for a session
How to work with the symbols
How to draw the symbols
What each symbol means
How to bring the healing to a close.

We go over the natural abilities that will heighten & activate after your attunement process & what the next steps will be. We will also go over the chakra systems to help you understand what emotions, trauma, or pain could be attached and occurring in certain parts of your clients body.

I will guide you with a one-on-one training session where I can pick up on your natural gifts and abilities and help you understand the areas of healing that can help you thrive and prosper as a healer. If you are interested in finding out more information send me a contact form and I would love to meet up or speak with you further.

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