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Green Leaves
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Lauren is the founder of Mystical Lightworker and a Spiritual Clairvoyant, Master Energy Practitioner and Intuitive Soul Therapist certified as a Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Holy Fire Reiki, Light Language, Aka Dua Energy Healing.


Lauren has always seen and heard messages from the Spirit realm from a young age. She has always known that she loved supporting other people and animals in whatever ways they needed. As she grew up she was initiated into some of the collective traumas to learn compassion and later made her way back into college to become a naturopathic doctor. As life took a turn and sent her on a spiritual awakening journey she began to truly focus on her healing. Lauren noticed a need in our communities for those who were dealing with stress, trauma and emotional imbalances and felt within her heart a call to action. She first found Reiki and her life path took off from there into sitting with some of the highest healers working with Egyptian Alchemy, Shamanic plant medicine, Sound Alchemy, Alkaline lifestyle & herbalism, psychic mediumship training and so much more. Sound Alchemy & the Alkaline lifestyle she was guided toward became the catalyst that helped her heal from pancreatitis and liberated her soul to awaken her gifts and abilities.

As you step into a healing journey with Lauren, she helps you to interpret and analyze these experiences so you may release blockages, awaken your own gifts, and clear reoccurring patterns grounding into your powerful light with grace. 

Reiki Master & AkaDua level 2 Practitioner
Certified Sound Therapist
Channeling & Medium
Light Language & Code Activation

Akashic Records Reader

Retreat Facilitator

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Alkaline Herbal Medicine & Chef

Green Leaves


*5 Star Review*

“I had a wonderful experience with Lauren, she is an incredible sound healer. This was my first experience with a sound bath. The sound bath invoked a sense of clarity and energy that I haven’t been able to experience with other meditations. I will definitely continue with her classes. She is a Sound Goddess, so glad to have her in my life.”

XOXO -Jacqueline Ghidossi

“When I went for Sound therapy I didn’t know what to expect, except that I trust Lauren, so I was open and relaxed. I experienced strong electrical sensations through my body ending with goosebumps. It brought tears to my eyes and healing to my soul. The combination of sound and Reiki was so cleansing I felt lighter and incredibly free when we were done. I would absolutely recommend Lauren’s services to everyone I know.”


“I have been thinking about how I would describe my experiences with sound healing at the hands of Lauren Baker. I hope that I can encompass all the ways it has impacted my life. It is much more than sound healing but I fear I don’t have all the proper language to describe it, but I will do my best.

First let me say that Lauren has an easy going spirit, a loving and welcoming energy and a never ending supply of hope, faith and encouragement. It has been exceedingly effortless for me to open up to her and feel vulnerable in front of her. This is essential for any healing path I follow.

I was completely new to sound therapy and the 3 experiences I’ve had have all been quite different. I have been able to work through some life long issues through mental and physical responses. I’ve received valuable verbal guidance from Lauren. Most importantly, with Lauren’s support, I have been empowered to get in touch with my intuition self and build my relationship with my higher self.

Bottom line, Lauren is an endless well of acceptance love and solutions to being human. Her services are essential to my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.”


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